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We offer a full range of AITT Accredited courses and In-House Courses. All experience levels are catered for; novice courses are provided and for those with existing experience, refresher courses and conversion training to other truck types or capacities are available.


Counter Balance Training

This is widely used in various environments including warehouses and storage depots with a reach of up to 20 feet and has a counterweight to balance the load on the fork arms. The fork arms and load project out from the front of the machine. Loads can be raised or lowered vertically, and the mast may be tilted forwards or backwards. A wide range of attachments are also available


Reach Truck Training

These trucks are used predominantly in warehouses and where space is restricted. They are called reach trucks because the mast is moved forwards or reached out to pick up the load. For travelling, the load is reached back and carried within the wheelbase which allows greater manoeuvrability. A height of 40 feet can be reached from this type of forklift.


Telescopic Handler Training

They are used mainly in agriculture and the construction industry and although still a forklift they can also have a variety of different attachments including bucket, pallet forks, muck grab, or lift table. This is fitted with a boom that is pivoted at the rear of the machine which is raised and lowered by hydraulic rams. In addition, the boom can be extended or retracted (telescoped) to give extra reach or height. These machines may be two or four-wheel drive, and have two-wheel, four-wheel or crab steering.


VNA Man up and Man Down Training

Very Narrow Aisle lift trucks come in a variety of styles, from ridged body to articulated middle joints. They can be used for stacking loads, stock replenishment and medium and high-level order picking. They are only steered by the operator when transferring from one stacking aisle to another. Once in the stacking aisle the trucks are steered automatically (they can be either wire or rail guided). The most common type of VNA truck is the "man up", which means the operator within the cab, goes up in the air with the forks and load, thus making it quicker and easier to deposit or retrieve a load. 


Forklift for Managers
A course developed by LJS Training Services Ltd which covers Health and Safety Regulations, Basic Safe Operating Practices and Hazards and the Pre-shift checking of the machines at a Managers level

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